Psst -
Hey there, health coach.
I’ve got a burnin’ question for you:

How’s business these days?


Are you making money from coaching right now? Or are you always giving away your brilliance for free?

Have you quit your day job yet? Or are you still behind that desk, waiting for your passion to become your career?

Are promising profits coming your way? Or are you stuck in a financial rut, hoping this new path can save and nurture you?

Was all that $$ you invested in programs promising you cash, clients, and hot credibility worth it? Or did you wind up with squat at the end of the day?


If the second half of those Q’s ring some bells, know this:


I’ve been there too, babe. And I hear you, loud and clear.


You’re hungry to create a magnificent business that also pulls in a fab paycheck, just like the big names you love and stalk online.

You want to help your clients lose weight, feel amazing, and learn to nourish themselves holistically: mind, body, and soul.

You need to stand out from the crowd (because being cookie cutter = getting lost in the noise).

So, let me be the first to say:

Welcome home, sister. You’re exactly where you need to be.


Get ready for…

  • The done-for-you, customizable detox and 28-day whole food programs changing the game for 2,600+ coaches (and counting).
  • The programs that will transform your clients’ lives for the better – and forever.
  • The marketing tools, tutorials, and plug ‘n’ play promos that will take your practice to the next level (and beyond).
  • The personal & community support you’ve been waiting for.




Spring 2014

There are two ways we can rock:




The tools, tutorials, strategies, and high quality materials to get you selling NOW.

(grab ‘em for a discount when you bundle ‘em)


The Spring Detox

(Basic or Rockstar)

This whole foods approach to detoxing helps your clients shed toxicity and extra weight, and discover which foods are causing them problems.

They’ll uncover sensitivities and allergies, as well as explore foundational nourishment concepts that DON’T just limit them to smoothies and protein bars.

You’ll get everything you need to create a sales page, advertise, setup payment, launch, and walk your client through 11 awesome days.

BASIC PACKAGE:   What’s new this round:

  • 3 screenshare tutorials to help you launch worry-free, and build your biz with confidence

ROCKSTAR PACKAGE:   What’s new this round:

  • 4 NEW marketing emails to send to your list
  • NEW sample kick-off and wrap-up call scripts, written by me and a top virtual assistant
  • 5 program ebooks with customizable covers
  • 5 different versions of what you can call your detox/cleanse/clean eating program, etc
  • 18 screenshare tutorials to help you launch worry-free, and build your biz with confidence
  • 2 NEW Powerpoint presentations, including call scripts and Shutterstock photos for each (can be turned into a PDF or used for a teleclass or workshop)
  • 2 NEW freebies that are about more than detox, that tap into primary foods and the deeper-rooted issues that clients REALLY want to know about. (This is the gateway to signing up that 3, 6, 9, 12-month client)

PLUS all new bonuses from your fave business & brand masters.

… And SO SO much MORE

[CLICK to read more]

Get it for the low price of $167

Get it for the low price of $327



Revitalize 28

Your 4-week Transformational Program

This is the Big Kahuna – a full sales funnel for your business, complete with an opt-in freebie, and a done-for-you program you can use year-round.

Struggling to attract long-term clients? Revitalize 28 is designed to get them seeing real results, faster – and keep them hungry for more. It could be your signature ‘Challenge’, ‘Cleanse’ or ‘Bootcamp’ that you roll out again and again.

The best part? All marketing tools you’ll need, including PowerPoint presentations, a launch timeline, scripts, and video tutorials, are included.

What’s new this round:

  •  A new, gorgeous, up-to-the-minute design, so you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Revamped & reimagined sales page copy with NEW sample testimonials, to get your people clicking the BUY button, quicker
  • An ALL-NEW vegetarian recipe guide for the veg-friendly detoxer, complete with meal plans, shopping lists, and the ability to exchange out meals
  • A fully-updated email sequence for your clients
  • 2 NEW master classes with me, with your own downloadable PDF of each class, totaling 38 pages
  • Even MORE chef-created, delectable detox recipes
  • A sample referral letter for partnering with other health and wellness professionals and organizations
  • A NEW and IMPROVED Clean Eating Powerpoint + call script (this could be your next workshop!)
  • 2 freebies and 39 blog posts to help you build your list and your biz

… and MORE

[CLICK to read more]


The Wellness Business Solutions are pre-written, customizable programs I’ve designed for coaches just like you.

They include everything you need to start building your signature empire  – no BS, no upsells.


This is your dream business in a box. Literally.


You get:

A done-for-you holistic program you can tailor to your niche topic (detoxes, cleanses, clean eating, etc.), to give clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

A supportive, constantly-updated community of fellow coaches, where I drop in (daily!) with new resources, advice, and prompts to help you take it there – faster.

PLUS, a bundle of the absolute best promotional tools, tutorials, marketing strategies, and templates out there, so you can start selling ASAP.

The result?

A sleek, pro-level program you don’t have to create from scratch.

A sweat-free launch.

More cash, sooner.

Every season, I survey the thousands of coaches using Wellness Business Solutions, to find out what works, what they want more of, and the upgraded resources and tools you need to take it further.

And this round, the results are absolutely extraordinary.

Join 2,600+ fellow health coaches who’ve said YES to ease, a badass program, and the support they need to thrive.

I’d love for you to be next.


Here are the top 5 reasons why these programs rock so hard.

1.     You won’t have to waste another minute on oDesk or Fiverr looking for designers, VAs, or copywriters.

2.     You get the community support from coaches on the same path you are, along with personal help and fresh resources from ME, every day.

3.     You’ll finally feel confident in your business and have the courage to step forward and get noticed. Make that phone call. Send that email. You’ll be ready to take the world by storm.

4.     You’ll learn how to dig into your niche, and your story, to help others decrease inflammation, improve digestion, and create an action plan that ties in mind-body-spirit health. (Warning: your inbox MIGHT fill up with thank you notes.)

5.     The program, marketing package, recipes, royalty-free photos, and private forum with daily support will save you thousands of dollars.

I know what it’s like to be a struggling coach. And I firmly believe that, even if you can’t afford a designer, business coach, or copywriter, you still deserve to have a top-of-the-line program on deck so you can start (and keep) growing.


How much are you saving exactly? Check out this cost breakdown:


Avg cost of ebook design = $250-$300

Every Wellness Business Solution program comes with a fully customizable, pre-written eBook that has stunning covers to choose from.

All the info in the ebook is fully researched and vetted by experts, so your clients will see the results they’ve been waiting for.


Avg cost of a sales page written by a pro copywriter = $500 – $1500

I’ve included a sales page template (written by my very own copywriter), so all you have to do is drop in your logo & info, post, and get to sellin’, baby!


Avg cost of a VA to implement your PayPal and Dropbox, upload videos, post your sales page, schedule emails, etc. = $250

You get in-depth, screenshare tutorial videos for every part of the launch & fulfillment process.  PayPal, Dropbox, YouTube, WordPress…


Avg number of hours needed to create your own program = 100+ hours

Between writing, creating, and editing, you lose untold numbers of billable time you could be spending coaching! With this program, the work’s been done for you. All you have to do is make it work for you.


Avg cost of business-centered community with real-time support = PRICELESS

In the private Wellness Business Solutions Facebook group, you get a space to connect with other coaches, ask questions, and get even more juicy resources from yours truly.


Nope – this is not a static program.

I’m in there every day sharing new ideas, answering questions, and helping you kick it up a notch!

Step into my world.

Step into why this has worked – not just for me, but for coaches everywhere.

This is your time.

Join us this spring.




Raving Fans


So… what exactly makes these programs different?


I’m a detox specialist – and I’ve got two certifications and an IIN diploma to prove it. :)

With the power of detoxing and whole foods, I healed myself from ulcerative colitis, after $100,000 spent on different tests and trips to over 100 doctors and universities over the course of 25+ years.

Over that time, I figured out that it wasn’t just the food that was causing my issues. It was the mental/emotional experience as well, which is how I eventually became a health coach.

My fellow coaches, you do amazing work. I know what it took to get my business off the ground – and I want to give you everything you need, so it doesn’t have to be a STRUGGLE, for you.


A few of my favorite perks of the program:

  • The Ultimate Success Kit:  make sure your client never feels deprived by giving them the tools to de-stress and succeed in their detox. This includes journaling, vision board making, and more

  • I give you EVERYTHING you need, from the time you order to the time you’re wrapping the detox, so you can set yourself up for massive success

  • I drop DAILY knowledge bombs, business advice, and tips for launching in the FB forum EVERY MORNING

  • You get FREE high-quality, royalty-free photos for your marketing posted every single day in the FB forum, saving you roughly $2,250

  • In the private Facebook community, you’ll meet HUNDREDS of other coaches who use the detox program (and many of them are veterans with years of experience under their belt)

You’re here to change the world. Together, we’ll let the world know!

There are no secrets surrounding “how to lose weight” or “how to reduce inflammation” –– this is standard industry knowledge you already understand as a coach.detoxdivider

See, there’s ONE big thing that’s been holding you back from marketing yourself fabulously, making more money, and changing more lives. Ready?

You need a powerful gateway program.



Gateway program (n): a reasonably priced coaching system that guarantees your clients results with minimal financial investment on their part.



Gateway programs give your people a taste of what you do, and the results they crave – without emptying their wallets. PLUS, it creates a fabulous passive income stream for you (who doesn’t love money in the bank?)

But now you’re wondering:

“Yeah, I could make a program. But what about all the stuff that comes with it – all the handouts, meal plans, marketing copy, graphics, and launch strategy? That could take months.”

I’ve got your back, gorgeous.

I’m here to take the guesswork out of creating, branding, and launching the program that will put your practice on the map.

I made a list of everything I use to market to, educate, and coach my gateway clients. With that list, I got to work creating a universal system for crafting a program, getting the word out, and raking in the big bucks.

I hired a graphic designer, a copywriter, a Web designer, an assistant, and several editors to help me put these packages together flawlessly.

Just click ‘Buy’ and everything you need to get started marketing your first program today is right inside.

No more fumbling with annoying PDF’s. No more marketing into the void.

Are you ready?

This is where it all begins.



This 11-day whole foods detox program is a great way to give clients a taste of working with you. It’s a step-by-step guide to ridding their bodies of toxins, decreasing inflammation, and uncovering their food sensitivities. This package also comes with a bundle of pre-written copy, emails for supporting your client each day, graphics, and more.

What your business gets:


The full program & all handouts in an editable Word doc bundle, so you can make your changes with ease (instead of grappling with PDF settings – blegh).


How To Use This Program – a 32-page manual full of step-by-step tips for using every part of this package.


Your Launch Plan Timeline (NEW!) – my step-by-step approach to making this your best launch ever.


A sales page written by a pro copywriter, so the heavy selling is done for you (includes THREE sample testimonials)


A 17-message email sequence to provide consistent support & encouragement to your clients through the whole process


ALL NEW ebook cover


THREE basic how-to video tutorials to get you started: How to use Dropbox | How to edit your materials | How to prioritize each step of your launch.

PLUS, unlimited access to the Spring Detox Facebook community with DAILY support from me, the support of other coaches, and the resource library all season long.


What your clients get:

  • whatyouget1-1A wonderful welcome letter, so they feel right at home
  • The Spring Detox Guidebook, a 31-page document packed with easy-to-understand info

  • 61 recipes, written by an incredible chef and freelance writer (includes all the recipes in the 11-Day Suggested Meals + MORE)

  • A sample disclaimer, so you’re covered from all angles and your clients are clear about what to expect

  • A 17-message email auto responder sequence, to provide consistent support & encouragement to your clients through the whole process

  • A 10-page, Simple Daily Protocol manual, so they know what to eat, when to eat, and what to expect from morning till night.

  • A shopping list to make grocery shopping a snap for all 11 days

  • A Food Diary in a user-friendly Word document

  • A blank meal planner, so clients can create their own meals as needed

  • The Ultimate Success Kit, packed with NEW Power Questions, an exercise for goal setting + creating a vision board, PLUS The You Plan: everything they need to make permanent changes when it comes to putting themselves first, and detoxing what isn’t serving their lives

  • To Grain or Not To Grain, a handout about ways to add in grains if they’d like them to be part of their detox


Sounds pretty cool?

Put it to work in your business – and watch what happens.

Get it for the price of $167





The same easy-to-understand 11-day program PLUS (2) opt-in freebies and high-powered marketing bonuses to make sure your next launch skyrockets.

So – what do the ROCKSTARS get?

  • The full program & all handouts in an editable Word doc bundle, so you can make your changes with ease (instead of grappling with PDF settings – blegh)

  • How To Use This Program – a 33-page manual full of step-by-step tips for using every part of this package and tech support guides, including:  Downloading with ease  |  How to convert the word docs to a PDF  |  Pricing Guide

… and MORE.

  • Your Launch Plan Timeline (WITH 4 NEW PAGES!) – my step-by-step approach to making this your best launch ever

  • A sales page written by a pro copywriter, so the heavy selling is done for you (includes THREE sample testimonials)

  • FIVE 3D eBook covers with flat JPEG images – Spring Cleanse, Spring Detox, Clean Eating Program, Delicious Detox, and Cleanse

  • TWO list-building freebies to give to your readers as gifts and to give to potential clients as a sneak peek at what it’s like working with you!

Fuel Up Freebie 3D Cover simplesteps2

 Simple Steps for a Busy Life: How to Love Your Body, the Food You Eat, and the Life You Live
Fuel Up! 8 Steps to a Healthier You, Even When You Feel Like You Have No Time

  • 18 NEW screenshare videos tutorials to help you rock your launch and build your biz, including crowd favorites like:
  • How to: use Dropbox
  • How to: prioritize each step of your launch
  • How to: blog in WordPress
  • How to: use a recording service – bridge line
  • How to: get Free Conference Call link
  • How to: market like a pro on Facebook
  • How to: use Animoto to create a video
  • How to: make YouTube your best friend
  • How to: master your niche, your story & your program
  • 2 NEW PowerPoints presentations, PLUS call scripts and Shutterstock photos for each. (this could be a PDF, workshop, or teleclass)

      • (NEW) Sugar Detox (with royalty-free pictures)
      • (NEW) Digestion (all royalty-free pictures)
  • Marketing 101:

      • 5 banners for your program, each serving a different niche, age group, and message
      • 5 stock photos with calls-to-action, for newsletters, Facebook, or simple flyers
      • 2 PayPal buttons for your sales page


Hillary Weiss
Hillary Weiss5 Tips to Killer Copy
Hillary Weiss is the copywriting, editing, and phantom wordsmithing half of
Youngblood Sourcery. With her one-on-one Astral Intensive packages, she
helps small n' mighty businesses and superstar solopreneurs (like you) get
seen and heard - faster. How? With the help of words that lift hearts, blow
minds and get results.
Francesca Giessman
Francesca Giessman How to Market like a Pro
Francesca Giessmann is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP who works with
people all over the world to achieve balance in their wellness journey. Francesca is a stage IV Cancer Survivor who knows first-hand how a balanced body and mind can help in ones healing process. offers several group programs as well as 1:1 coaching. Prior to becoming a Health Coach she spent 15 years working in Luxury Lifestyle Marketing & Communications Strategy for several brands around the world.
Bernardo Mendez
Bernardo Mendez How to Master Your Niche
Bernardo Mendez is a relationship and dating coach whose mission is helping
women reconnect back to their hearts, cut the painful game of staying stuck
in a story and crack open to love and be loved with devotion and passion.
Bern has been actively helping others break through their own limitations,
addictions and pain for over twenty years. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife
and two sons. You can connect with him on his site yourgreatlifetv.com
Laura Madden
Laura MaddenHow to Promote Yourself with Video (even if you’re camera shy)
Laura Madden is a lifestyle coach showing women how to own their inner superstar, so they can stake their claim as the spokesmodel of their brand. With twenty years of experience as a model and actress, and as a life coach,

Laura helps people get confident, courageous, and comfortable with themselves, so they can create eye-grabbing photos, videos & media content to promote themselves in a big, bold way and attract their ideal clients!
Amanda Cook
Amanda CookMarketing Strategy for your Launch
Amanda Cook is an award-winning certified holistic health coach and online strategist for the health + wellness industry. She teaches health + wellness entrepreneurs how to grow a healthy business - online - without a lot of time or technical skills. Her keep-it-simple approach integrates blogging, email newsletters, social media and online marketing to attract a tribe of raving fans to your business!
Lisa H. Fraley
Lisa H. FraleyGet Your Legal Ducks in a Row in Three Key Steps
Lisa H. Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is a Legal Coach™ (Attorney + Holistic Health Coach) who creates heart-centered legal boundaries to hold and support your business - so you won’t stress or worry about being sued.
Chris Kendall
Chris KendallHow to Detox with Raw Foods in the Spring
Chris Kendall earns his bananas flowing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), 100% Raw and Transitional Lifestyle Coach, Kendalini Yoga Creator and Raw Food Chef.
Paying it forward Chris offers all of his ebooks and services on a By Donation Basis.
Learn more at http://TheRawAdvantage.com
Whitney Harris
Whitney HarrisHow to Break Free of Your Fears of Building a Business
Whitney Lyn Harris is an International Transformation Coach who works with people that allow their limiting beliefs to hold them back from living the lives they truly desire.Whitney’s clients experience mind-set shifts and transformations propelling them forward to their true potential.


Raving Fan: Shannon Lagasse

You ready to kick out this jam?

Let’s go.

Get it for the price of $327



Here’s the best thing about gateway programs like the Spring Detox:

After living the transformation just 11 days can spark, your clients will feel totally empowered and stoked to learn more.

So, give the people what they want!

The Spring Detox is a fantastic way to show your clients the small steps that produce major results. It’s about creating positive changes right off the bat – for both you and the people you serve.

YOU can stop scrambling around, trying to figure out where your next clients are coming from, and feeling terrified about charging premium rates for your 1-on-1 services.

YOUR CLIENTS will be hugely encouraged by the positive changes they’ll see, so they’re gonna want to go deeper. They’ll be on the lookout for the next step and for your support along the way.

However, not all of them may want to invest in private coaching. They want something affordable, something that will also help YOU leverage your time and grow your empire.




Revitalize 28

The next powerful step for your business

and your client’s wellness journey

(now with a vegetarian option!)

You might already have your gateway program – or you’ve put the Basic or Rockstar packages to use (woohoo!)

What happens next?

You complete the sales funnel with a longer-term program that’ll knock their socks off (along with that extra poundage they’ve been trying to lose!)

It’s a proven system for generating more sales, coaching opportunities, and fans who are totally obsessed with what you do:

Client downloads your opt-in freebie → Purchases the 11-Day Detox → Purchases Revitalize 28 → Signs up for private coaching…

(or, at the very least, brags about you to all their friends)!

Industry giants like Monica Shaw and Marie Forleo have these steps at work in their insanely successful businesses.

Now, it’s your turn.

Consider this is your empire-builder.

What makes this different from the detox packages?

This package includes the entire 4-week program, PLUS the opportunity to guide your client through a 4 week program loaded with the teachings of our school, other teachers, the emotional comonents and physical components of health our clients need to make massive changes. PLUS, you get  opt-in freebies that feed directly into this program.

While this is still a holistic, whole foods approach to a heathier body, it’s a game-changing program you can use again and again – in any season.

PLUS:  You get TWO NEW Master Classes with me!

Master Class: How to launch the 28 day – 23 minutes  |  Master Class:  How to build your empire  - 23 minutes

I designed this program as a holistic learning and discovery experience, walking clients through the lifestyle changes they need to make (and the reasons why) step by step.

You can design it as a monthly program or your elite, signature, quarterly deep-dive.

It’s 28 days, so your clients can create even more shifts, explore the changes they want to make, and watch results take fabulous before their eyes.

It can be your gold standard, gorgeously-designed program. Just add in your signature branding and it becomes your soon-to-be-famous Challenge, Boot Camp, or Total Transformation program.

It’s a compilation of research and breakthrough concepts from industry giants who are changing the way the world looks at food…. And you can make it your own.

Don’t forget:  You still get all the marketing-focused perks… and more.


  • The full marketing kit – promotional emails, sales page templates, referral letter,marketing collages and photos galore, scripts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, a ebook cover, etc. – and a few juicy extras you’ll love

  • A program that serves everyone – even your gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and Paleo clients

  • It comes with a stack of recipes from an incredible chef and freelance writer, so every how-to comes with a beautifully clear explanation

  • Access to the pre-written program and template promo materials in an easy-to-use Word document bundle, so you don’t have to worry about formatting PDFs (whew!)

  • LIFETIME access to the Revitalize 28 Facebook community, so you can connect with fellow coaches, swap success stories, challenges, and keep each other supported

  • A full series of emails to send to your clients using the program, so they feel supported every step of the way

Revitalize 28 is designed to help your clients integrate phenomenal nutritional, physical, and emotional changes into their everyday lives.

What your business gets:

  • Access to my full 28-day Revitalize Program

  • A sales page written by a pro copywriter, so the heavy selling is done for you (includes THREE sample testimonials)

  • A crystal clear manual to make using, launching, and pricing out your program simple

  • Launch timeline

  • Launch support with action steps you’ll be using, and how to deliver the sequence of materials that can be used year-round

  • TWO master classes with me  (How to launch the 28 day – 23 minutes  |  How to build your empire  - 23 minutes)

  • TWO opt-in freebies, with eBook covers and logos  (5 Vital Steps to Optimal Health & 9 Smoothies That Will Change Your Life)

  • FOUR marketing emails to make promotion a breeze

  • 39 prewritten blog posts/newsletter blurbs for your whole year

  • Powerpoint for Marketing: ‘Clean Eating Made Simple’ with royalty-free stock photos (this is an amazing tool for presentations, free teleclasses, and preview calls)

  • 8 NEW screenshare videos tutorials to help you rock your launch and build your biz

  • SIX email support sequence – plug n’ play emails



What your clients get:

WEEKLY eBook Guides with daily prompts & instructions (note: these are 100% editable Word Docs).

Week One
Week 1: Commit to Change

· Suggested Meals

· Shopping list
Week Two
Week 2: Food Focus

· Suggested meals

· Shopping list
Week Three
Week 3: Putting Yourself First

· Suggested meals

· Shopping list
Week Four
Week 4 : Exercise

· Suggested meals

· Shopping list



  • An info-packed, totally-readable ebook series:  Top Vegetarian Proteins, Portion Control, Going Gluten Free: The Big Question, Gluten-Free Substitutions, 40 Snacks on The Go & Vegetable Cooking Methods
  • A weekly recipe guide, loaded with 53 recipes (created by a fabulous chef and writer – gluten-free, allergy-friendly and family-friendly), suggested meals, and a meal planner
  • ALL NEW vegetarian recipe guide, complete with 69 recipes, suggested meals, and a meal planner.
  • A fully-drafted Welcome Letter, 6 supportive emails for use during the program, and a check-in email to follow up with your clients
  • A Blank Meal Planner (allowing your client to create their own meals, as needed).
  • A Simple to Use Food Diary
  • Shopping Lists for each week (making your clients grocery trips easy & enjoyable)


Give your people the power play they’ve been waiting for.




Now you’re amped. You’re stoked. And you’re ready to get rockin’.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you.


when you combine programs in your shopping cart.

NOTE: Please use the coupon code, add the items first in the cart then Apply the Coupon. After you applied the coupon code, head on over to checkout.


Save $40 when you buy the Detox Basic + Revitalize (Transformation) 28
Copy the discount code LITE+REV and enter in your checkout page.

Save $100 when you buy the Detox Rockstar + Revitalize (Transformation) 28 AND
Copy the discount code DEL+REV and enter in your checkout page.


Raving Fan: Kaelyn Pehrson



Still on the fence? Check out these FAQ’s

1. I’m just getting started and don’t even have a website. Can this still help me?

Abso-freakin-lutely! I’m so glad you found me now, before you spent ungodly amounts of money on training materials and fancy bells & whistles you don’t need.

This program is great for beginning health coaches and those who have yet to hit their stride. It contains all the essentials you need to get started with a leveraged sales system that works.

2. Is buying something like this “cheating”? Shouldn’t I create my own materials and processes from scratch?

Is buying a website theme (that thousands of others have already bought) cheating? Is a history teacher cheating if she teaches from the same textbook as every other history teacher in her state?

Nope. We’re all operating from the same framework. There are no secrets in terms of “how to lose weight” or “how to reduce inflammation” –– this is standard trade knowledge. I’ve just put it in place for you.

Furthermore, I’ve structured these materials so you can customize them to represent your own brand and business. You’re free to use them as is or tweak the language in a way that feels authentic to you!

3. How do I know this will work for me?

As with anything, you’ll get out of these packages what you put into them. But all you have to do is get in front of people who are hungry for change –– whether that be in your hometown or online.

If the idea of marketing yourself via teleclasses or blog posts feels overwhelming, you might want to consider the Rockstar or Revitalize 28; both of these include all the tools you need to market your business and fill your program.

With that said, marketing anything is a numbers game. The more people you get in front of, the more you will sell.

4. Will you offer this program again?

Probably, but it won’t be in this exact format or for this low of a price. These programs evolve as my business does. I continually update them as I learn from my client experiences, personal mentors, and educational investments. In other words, if you have a feeling this is what you’ve been missing, grab it now!


More Raving Fans


It worked for them, and it’ll work for you, too.

See, once you have your gateway program, you set the stage for jaw-dropping opportunities and epic growth. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

This is the secret. This is how you build an empire that gives you the financial freedom to do what you love.

If you’re ready to stop spending hours researching and writing meal plans…

If you’re ready to step into the spotlight and finally start changing the world…

If you’re ready to finally get the cash and recognition you deserve…

Your time is now.

Want to become an affiliate?
Sweet! Visit the affiliate page to learn more.

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