Rachel Feldman presents…

Spring Wellness Business Solutions in a Box

    • Done-For-You Detox & Cleanse Programs
    • Customizable Whole Foods Weight Loss & Clean Eating Transformation Programs
    • Marketing Tools, Master Classes, Tech e-Courses & Plug ‘n’ Play Promos
    • Access to Detox Specialist Rachel Feldman in the Forum 7 Days/Week
    • Community Support With Other Savvy Health Coaches & Me 24/7
    • DoTERRA Add-On Essential Oils to Enhance your Detox/Cleanse

Totally Fresh!


The PROGRAM your people need – The RESULTS you deserve – The GUTS to go for it


Hey coach! What’s business like these days?
There’s a world of customers out there searching for you. Are they beating down your door yet? Or is your client list all dreams and no real people?

If you aren’t making the living (or the impact) you dreamed you would, we need to chat.
I know what it’s like to struggle.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, my life went down the tubes with it. I was battling ulcerative colitis, living in a new town, had two kids, and my family was on the edge of financial ruin.

It was time to kick things up a notch.
I learned everything I could (and spent more money than I should have), and started to earn a comfortable living doing what I love. Coaching.

Now YOU can benefit from every program, course, lesson, webinar, 1-on-1, and other training I took along the way. You can build your health coaching practice the way I built mine – and you can do it FASTER, CHEAPER, and SMARTER.

I know what you deal with every day. From the client that cancels at the last minute to the feast and famine cycle of hunting for new clients and keeping old ones healthy (and in contact!), I’ve been there.

I used the same programs I’m offering you to pull myself from barely making it to running a six-figure/year empire. I know they work…so do the thousands of other coaches who use them.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU.

I’m not going to promise you mega bucks overnight. You and I both know that’s BS. This isn’t an effort-free walk in the park. You’ll still have work to do. But these programs do WORK.

I am not the kind of person who believes in quick fixes so I was a bit hesitant to promote
myself as 15 days of clean eating. But, from the very beginning, I embraced that it is a
wonderful number for people to wrap their minds around and once we started, I made it very
clear that it was just a step in a lifelong journey. I poured myself into supporting
everyone emotionally (even if I was shaking and felt clueless inside) and learned with
them as I went. When the winter season came and the opportunity to take a Mastermind Class
to learn more, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I have learned so much; about detoxification,
about how our body works, about so many people and their own personal stories, and mostly
about myself. It has been life-changing. I have run 5 different groups now and am
approaching nearly 200 individuals who have participated.

I used to think that I wanted to dig deep and have many 6 month clients willing to do the work.
I have found that I LOVE my 15 days groups and planting seeds is starting to change to clients
seeking me for more. There is so much emotional reward in watching people learn.

Heather Larson

The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box™ programs are built on the same framework that took more than 5,500 of health coaches and wellness professionals to great places in their careers. They’re what you need to get started, reboot your coaching practice, or take a good living as a health coach and make it into a great one.

If you’re sick of working too many hours for too little pay, let’s kick your business up a notch. You can pull in a fab paycheck, just like the gurus you follow.

It’s not just about the cash, though. You’re in this for your clients. You care about making others healthy. Now you can.

Help your clients lose weight, feel amazing, and learn to nourish themselves holistically: mind, body, and soul.

Stand out from the crowd, create a personal brand of coaching that builds your reputation in your niche, and own the business you know you were born to run.

Coach, if you feel like your business is ready to grow…
like you could be making waves in the industry if you just had a clone of yourself to get everything done…
if your budget is too small to hire a copywriter, marketer, and a team of assistants, but you KNOW what you want and what you have to offer…

You’re exactly where you need to be.
Are you ready to make a serious, lasting change?

It’s time to invest in yourself…
the way you teach your clients to invest in their health.

This spring, you can gain access to:

    • The done-for-you, customizable detox and 28-day whole food programs changing the game for 5,500+ coaches (and counting).
    • Customizable whole foods transformation programs that will radically change your clients’ lives for the better – and forever.
    • The marketing tools, master classes, tech e-courses, tutorials, and plug ‘n’ play promos that will take your practice beyond the next level.
    • Community support from amazing savvy health coaches and myself daily.
    • Essential oils to enhance your detox (a special doTERRA add-on, only available with my The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box™ programs!)
    • The personal support you’ve been waiting for…



I’ll confess. I know what it’s like to desperately
want MORE for your clients, your family, and yourself.

I also know what it’s like when you can’t afford a copywriter,
a designer, or a business coach to elevate your business. But you know what?


I SEE YOU. You have a gift.

Transforming your clients’ lives comes easily to you.
That’s why you wake up each morning and invest your love,
sweat, and smarts into your business. It lights you up.


Passion doesn’t equal profit. Bummer, right?

Sure, you DO need passion to fuel your business. And you also need….

a gateway program to welcome new clients into your virtual door,
a signature offering to drive sales, and
mega plug ‘n’ play marketing tools, content, and e-courses to save you hundreds of hours of time so you can – you know – do your thang and change the world. In that order.

After personally experimenting with dozens of business builder programs over the years, I’ve learned ONE thing: if it sounds too good to be true, it absofreakinlutely is!

I can give you the programs, the tools, the community, and the confidence. I can even give you my best advice and insights … BUT I can only drive you 80% of the way.

That’s it. You’ve gotta invest the remaining 20% and bring your rad self to the dance floor to shake it like the powerhouse entrepreneur you were born to be…

And if you want to play really BIG, you can start building your empire and revolutionizing the health + wellness industry this Spring by saying YES to our most popular, profitable, and powerful program duo, ROCKSTAR + REVITALIZE.

With our top 2 programs in your back pocket, you will have EVERYTHING you need to grow your business exponentially this year.

I know because I’ve done it myself and I’ve witnessed  top coaches transform into some of the most respected industry leaders with these same programs. Now it’s YOUR turn.

Are you ready?

Instant Bundle Discount

Buy ROCKSTAR and REVITALIZE together to claim an instant discount now.

Let's Go!

Note: We take payment plans – please contact us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com

Wouldn’t life be sweet – and SO much easier – if you had a power hungry community of savvy amazing coaches in your back pocket cheering you on, sharing insights, and inspiring you every single day? Yeah, I thought so.

You CAN have it. ALL OF IT. The community, the roadmaps, the content, the creative copy, and the endless marketing promos.

Babes, this is YOUR year.

This is YOUR time to finally say HELL NO! to bogus sales formulas, false promises, and fairy dust. POOF, be gone!

Say HELL YES to our Spring Collection of the FRESHEST programs: BASIC™, ROCKSTAR™, and REVITALIZE™.

Pick your path.



Bonus alert! 

When you buy ANY of the Done for You Programs, you get access to (3) Professionally Done Flyers to market your program. Offer Ends May 5th. 

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Basic Basic
Desperate for more private clients? 1-on-1 your thing,
but your agenda’s empty?
BASIC is the perfect program for new coaches and coaches
who need a fresh start.
It’s done-for-you, but fully customizable.
A real gateway program that you can adjust,
tweak, and make your own.

And the results? Ah-mazing!

What’s Inside BASIC™?

For You:

    • A 20-day email sequence (All those autoresponders, campaigns, or even forum posts you hate to write? DONE!) to keep your people feeling totally supported through detox. Each message is perfectly paired to their guide and program outline.
    • A 3D professional-grade eBook cover.
    • A rockin’ Resource Guide with all the info you need to give your clients that VIP experience they crave.
    • A full, pro sales page with 3 testimonials, created for you by one of my most trusted copywriters.
    • 3 awesome video tutorials to teach you everything you need to know about using Dropbox, editing your documents, and making a PayPal button.
    • The in-depth Simple Steps to Launch Success Guide Manual…all the info you need to launch your program, laid out in actionable steps.

For Your Clients:

    • Meal suggestions for 14 Days (brand new extension of the transition phase) and SHOPPING LIST for each phase of the program.
    • A Detox Recipe Guide with more than 50 incredible recipes by Rachel and a rockin’ chef. The perfect resource for every day of detox.
    • A day-to-day guide for all 14 Days at a glance. Your clients will love the ease of seeing every day’s meals listed. This printer-friendly guide is a hit with clients, and makes detox super easy.
    • Their own Food Diary and Transition Guide (brand spankin’ new).
    • The complete Detox Guide: your clients will learn about the importance of a great seasonal detox (for every season), what the deal is with balancing blood sugar (and why it matters!), and why they should practice clean eating plus all (my fave emotional, physical, and mental detox tools).
    • Your client will learn about detoxing and cleansing, juicing, removing phytic acid, improving digestion, and even probiotics (can we say coconut water kefir?)
    • Your client will learn the power of keeping a food diary, see the benefits of intuitive eating, and learn to reduce stress.
    • Handouts! Because you can’t send them home empty handed, I’m throwing in two of my favorite handouts for you to send with your clients: How to Manage Detox Symptoms and Go Toxic Free – Avoiding Everyday Toxins. BAM.


Note: We take payment plans – please contact us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com

You’ve busted your butt, and babes, you’re almost there.
But you need a little help.
ROCKSTAR is about letting your inner rockstar out
– you’ll get all of the benefits of a full-time team of assistants,
writers, editors, and designers
(without having to pay any of their salaries),
so you can grow into your full potential.
Real Life. Real Story.

Take a load off. Make time for YOU.
Create your personal brand. You’ll have time to do it all,
from speaking at global health summits to hosting webinars
for your tribe, and growing your private practice.
Less hassle, more business growth.
Step away from the tech tools that give you headaches,
quit doing the 20% of tasks you hate, and start doing
the 80% of your job that you love.
Hate writing promotional materials?
No sweat. Tired of trying to write the perfect webinar script?
Don’t. Blog entries driving you bonkers? Forget about them.
Sure, all those things matter.
YOU don’t have to do them. They’re done for you.

Just plug’n’play. That’s Rockstar.

What’s Inside Rockstar™?

Real Life. Real Story.

      • 6 marketing emails to send to your list. Get them pumped for what’s on the way, and ready to hit the buy now button when you launch. This season we gave you 6 and NOT just 4.
      • NEW sample kick-off and wrap-up call scripts with TWO NEW PowerPoints to kick off your detox with a bang, written by me and a top virtual assistant.
      • 5 program different 3D ebook covers – pick your thang and rock to fit your niche, babes:
        1. Detox Guide
        2. Cleanse Guide
        3. Clean Eating Program
        4. Spring Detox
        5. Spring Cleanse
      • 16 screenshare tutorials created by my top notch VA team. It’s all the handholding you need to guide you every step of the tech way. The result? A worry-free launch and your biz, built with confidence. See the full list.
    • 2 NEW PowerPoint presentations:
      1. Love your Liver PPT focusing on cleansing and supporting the liver
      2. Metabolism Makeover PPT to help your client get their energy boost back naturally
      3. Slide-by-slide call scripts and photos for each (use them how you choose – PDFs, tele classes, webinars, the ball’s in your court, babes!)
      4. NEW follow-up emails to keep your clients feeling loved and help you close the deal.
    • 3 NEW professionally designed opt-in freebies, perfect for converting your subscribers into paying clients with BRAND new follow up emails (perfect for converting your client to the detox or a 1:1 client)
      1. 4 Day Mini-Cleanse with over 24+ pages – so hot it can be sold on its own
      2. Juicing for the Beginner perfect for the newbie client who is hungry to learn the goods
      3. Flatten Your Belly Overnight – who wouldn’t LOVE that?…
    • 3 NEW blog posts to premarket your Spring Detox so you can start to hear cha-ching! Need email more than blogs? They work great as emails, and match your marketing images, too.
    • Content Calendar, Monthly Planner and Goals Worksheet, and Launch Timeline to give your business the organization it needs to kick into high gear selling like a PRO
    • PLUS NEW INDUSTRY ROCKSTAR BONUSES (mini business school right here):
      1. Lisa Wilson from the Raw Food Institute
      2. Kerry Sheppard, Laura Madden, and Dhru Purohit, Co-Founder of the Clean Program
      3. Yuri Elkaim, New York Times Bestselling Author
      4. Karen Pattock, Lisa Fraley, Jane Ashley, Therese Kelly, and Marc David from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
      5. …and MORE!
Jane Ashley
Jane Ashley Branding Archetype Assessment
The moment a bio is written about Jane Ashley, it becomes outdated… As a conscious and evolving individual, Jane’s work has expanded to accommodate her growth as a woman—empowered and passionate, committed to creating dynamic opportunity for the members of her growing tribe. As Publisher of Flower of Life Press™ and Owner and Creative Director of JaneScott Brand Catalysts™, Jane and her businesses offer an unrivaled opportunity to join forces with the team who understands what kind of support and expertise conscious women need in order to create books and brands, fully expressed.Jane also holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, a training ground for what would later become an active practice as a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Master Coach to hundreds of students at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Jane's commitment is to provide powerful guidance to women entrepreneurs, and a safe container to bring their deepest truths to paper or screen. Guided by Spirit and savvy, Jane is a growing force in the new consciousness movement, dedicated to helping women express their voices in books and richly designed digital images.
Kerry Shephard
Kerry Shephard Top 20 Strategies To Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients & Double your Sales!
Kerry Sheppard is a business mentor who's on a mission to transform the way women entrepreneurs make a lasting name for themselves online. She's a business-building champion who brings 15 years of experience working at the forefront of numerous multi-million-dollar businesses as well as a prosperity pathfinder who guides her clients down the road to phenomenal, mind-blowing financial success.
But don't expect a drill-sergeant drone who'll lecture you like an MBA professor. Because her track record stems from the entrepreneurial sector and not Corporate America, Kerry brings a unique approach to her mastermind coaching that often strays from 'following A, B, and then C' as well as tiresome multi-step processes. Instead, her creative style fosters transformations that vary from client to client in often life-changing ways. Kerry addresses all the behind-the-scenes development and groundwork that goes into a well-oiled business machine including: mindset and limiting beliefs, wealth consciousness, brand identity, product comprehension, online presence, marketing, and much more. Whether it's through 1-on-1 mastermind coaching, group intensives, or the free, game-changing content Kerry develops every week for her VIP members, her goal is to help women entrepreneurs build the foundation for the money-making business and life of their dreams.
Laura Madden
Laura Madden Top 3 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs are making on camera.
Laura Madden helps professional women look & feel their best by expressing their true style, so they can elevate their image and their brand to stand out in their field. Laura coaches women to get confident on camera & comfortable in the spotlight, acting as the creative director and stylist to design on-brand photoshoots.
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson How to Detox your client in a safe & effective way
Lisa Wilson is an international speaker, founder & director of The Raw Food Institute, writer, consultant, certified health, nutrition and wellness counselor, fitness trainer, and mom to 3 kids. Lisa is a keynote speaker on some of the largest stages in the nation. Appearances include: The Raw Living Expo, The Annieappleseed Project, Take Back Your Health Conference, The Cure to Cancer Summit, and many others. Lisa regularly does both television and radio appearances for shows such as Better Connecticut, The Marilu Henner show, and several others. She is a contributing author to the books '27 Flavors of Fulfillment' and 'The Cure to Cancer.' Lisa enjoys turning people onto the tremendous therapeutic benefits of raw & living foods that reboot the body in a profound way!
Sheila Davis
Sheila Davis 8 Great Tips to Working with your VA
Sheila loves helping busy moms create and build their online businesses so they don't have to choose between work and family AND so they will have the freedom and flexibility they have always wanted. The way she does it? Is by connecting Virtual Assistants and Clients for a perfect match through her LeapFrogVA Network. Are you really ready for the life you have always dreamt of?
Yuri Elkaim
Yuri Elkaim Eating for Energy - How to Live to the Fullest with the Food You Eat
Yuri Elkaim is a health and fitness expert, "energy nutritionist", and author of The All-Day Energy Diet. He wrote this book for himself - he battled for 20 years with crippling health issues, which included extreme fatigue - as well as millions of everyday people for whom low energy is robbing their lives. Now, serving over 250,000 people on a daily basis via email and with over 15 million Youtube videos watched, Yuri is most famous for helping people enjoy all-day energy and amazing health in a very short period of time without radical diets or gimmicks. He holds a bachelors degree in Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Yuri is also a former pro soccer player and served as the strength & conditioning and nutrition coach at the University of Toronto for 7 years. He's on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2018. For more visit http://www.yurielkaim.com
Karen Pattock
Karen Pattock Your Ideal Client and the Power of Social Media Video
Karen Pattock is an International Business Coach and Online Marketing Mentor that teaches health & fitnesspreneurs how to use social media and email marketing to attract new leads and turn them into paying clients using proven marketing strategies. She is creator of the STEP Into More Profits program as well as her TV video training platform KarenPattock.TV. You can connect with Karen at KarenPattock.com
Therese Skelly
Therese Skelly Stop Repelling Money
Known as the "Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst, Therese Skelly works with service based entrepreneurs, coaches and healers who love what they do and are ready to grow their business in a much easier and more authentic way.
Therese helps those whose business is part of their life purpose clear money blocks so they can learn how to own their value and powerfully attract ideal clients. This means they will make more money, serve more people and have a business that makes them happy.
A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer's the perfect blend of both "inner game" work and very tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire. Learn more about Therese at www.HappyinBusiness.com
Lisa Fraley
Lisa Fraley Protect your Business - the Legal Talk
Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is a Legal Coach® and Attorney who has combined her years of legal experience as a Health Care Attorney and Litigator in a large corporate law firm with her powerful coaching skills and Legal Love™ to help entrepreneurs put legal protections in place so they don't have to worry, stress, or fear being sued. As a Holistic Lawyer®, Lisa earned her J.D. from Case Western Reserve University, B.A. with honors from Miami University (Ohio), and became certified as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Life Coach through Coach U, and Fitness Instructor through ACE. She is also a Transformational Coaching Method Master Coach through Holistic MBA, accredited by the AADP, and the former President of the Junior League of Portland, Maine.
Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit How to Live Your Dream & Create the Business You Desire
I help people get healthy and feel good.

I'm the Co-Founder of the Clean Program, a wellness CEO, and a contributing author of two New York Times Best-Sellers, Clean Gut & Clean Eats.

more at http://about.me/dhru
Marc David
Marc David Transform your Life - Transform your Practice. Be the Change
Marc David is the Founder of both the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. His work has been featured on CNN, NBC and numerous media outlets. His books have been translated into over 10 languages, and his approach appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for fresh, inspiring and innovative messages about food, body and soul. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology. IPE is unique and revolutionary in its approach – teaching students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times in their internationally acclaimed Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. The Institute also features cutting edge programs for the public. Learn more here: http://psychologyofeating.com

… There’s more to this program, too.
You won’t believe your bang for the buck!



Note: We take payment plans – please contact us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com


When you buy ANY of the Done for You Programs, you get access to (3) Professionally Done Flyers to market your program. Offer Ends May 5th.

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DoTerra Upgrade Option


martha“I have been leveraging the Elimination Programs for over a year now. I have been a Wellness Advocate for two years. I have doTERRA information I integrate into my Clean Eating/Elimination Programs but I needed a solid program that educated met clients on the power of clean eating and essential oils. By partnering with Rachel and integrating her specific doTERRA content I can leverage this when clients are wanting the “Holistic” approach. Integrating doTERRA content allows my clients to get excited about their new healthy lifestyle, recipes, detox tools and more. The bundle allows them to embrace their new lifestyle with ease.”

– Martha McGoldrick


kim 2“2015 is truly going to be the year I have dreamed of. I was struggling with all the different paths that I have in my ventures for growing my wellness business. I have managed to purchase so many different products out there to help me grow my business, software to run my business, how to’s to help me succeed in my business and last self help to survive all the above. I purchased the”Rockstar” I was hesitant as I have depleted my savings in all my quests to help facilitate my success. I had an opportunity to partake in a webinar the beginning of the year and listen to Rachel talk about creating a BAD-ASS Business. I was inspired how I could resonate and connect with Rachel and her story. I was literally at a breaking point. Life challenges, health challenges were events that were taking my life and my family to a point of bankruptcy. I took one last
plunge and purchased her business in the box “Rockstar” after contemplating an mulling the pro’s and con’s over in my head. 48 hours later, 3 hours of sleep since I purchased it, I launched it and I sold 17 detox packages and landed 17 clients from one essential oil event. It took me a total of 7 days to reach 102 detoxes sold. To date I have sold over 530+ just this season. I was at my wits end and so close but, yet so far away in marketing and taking the next step for my business. In 48 hours, I not only took the next step but, I shifted in my business and did the one thing that meant the most to me. I believed in me enough to believe in someone else and share that belief with another. My passion and purpose has been served. I am so grateful to Rachel Feldman. Thank you for taking all your experience and packaging it into a bundle so that others could learn to help others and not just let another day pass wishing we could help someone.
Much Love and Many Blessings.”

Kimberly Crisafulli-Ivey – The Mad Oiler

Introduce your oils to the world. Do it, do it.

BUY BASIC™ with DoTerra BUY ROCKSTAR™ with doTerra

Note: We take payment plans – please contact us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com

Still not convinced? READ MORE


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already bought the Spring Basic™ or Spring Rockstar™, please use the UPGRADE link in your email to upgrade to DOTERRA


Imagine a 28-day signature program and a bonus 14-day weight loss program, and then combine these life changers for 6 weeks. Consider this The Big Kahuna (your signature program) – a complete sales funnel for your business.

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself
and your business?

Get started with the BASIC™, become a ROCKSTAR™, or REVITALIZE™ your clients’ health and your career now. And if you really want to make an impact, combine REVITALIZE™ and ROCKSTAR™ to take your business to another level…because you’re worth it.


When you buy ANY of the Done for You Programs, you get access to (3) Professionally Done Flyers to market your program. Offer Ends May 5th.

preview of flyers

The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box™ are pre-written,
customizable programs I’ve designed for coaches just like you.

They include everything you need to start building your signature empire.
No BS, no upsells.

This IS your dream business.

You get:

A done-for-you holistic program you can tailor to your niche topic (detoxes, cleanses, clean eating, etc.), to give clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

A supportive, constantly-updated community of fellow coaches where I drop in (daily!) with new resources, advice, and prompts to help you take it there – faster.

PLUS, a bundle of the absolute best promotional tools, tutorials, marketing strategies, and templates out there, so you can start selling ASAP.

The result?

A sleek, pro-level program you don’t have to create from scratch.
A sweat-free launch. More cash, sooner.

Every season, I survey the thousands of coaches using The Wellness Business Solutions In A Box™ to find out what works, what they want more of, and the upgraded resources and tools you need to take it further.

And this round, the results are absolutely extraordinary.

Join 5,500+ fellow health coaches who’ve said YES to ease, a proven program, and the support they need to thrive.

So… what exactly makes these programs different?

Like you, I’m a coach. A detox specialist.
And I’ve got three detox certifications and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition diploma to prove it.

After $100,000 spent on different tests and trips to over 100 doctors
and universities over the course of 25+ years, I almost gave up on my health. With the power of

detoxing and whole foods, I got rid of my ulcerative colitis and figured out that it wasn’t just
the food that was causing my issues. It was the mental/emotional experience as well.
That journey eventually led me to my passion – being a health coach.

My fellow coaches, you do amazing work.
I struggled for years to get my coaching business off the ground until I created a system.
– And I want to give you everything you need so that doesn’t have
to be YOUR story, too. You’re here to make the world a healthier place.
Today, my business is thriving and my clients have a clear plan when they start working with me.

They start with an elimination diet, learn the basics of detox and then incorporate higher
glycemic foods as blood sugar is balanced and digestion is not hampered anymore.

Together, we’ll let the universe know they can have a simple plan that leads them to health.

There are no secrets surrounding “how to lose weight”
or “how to reduce inflammation”
– this is standard industry knowledge. As a coach, you already understand it.

The information in these programs is inspired by the teachings
and work of pioneers in the health coaching industry.
People like:

  • Mark Hyman
  • Liz Lipski
  • Paul Pitchford
  • Joshua Rosenthal
  • Alejandro Junger
  • John Doulliard
  • Dr. Robert Morse
  • Donna Gates
  • Kimberly Synder
  • JJ Virgin
I’ve just put it in place for you (and made it look pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.) All materials are fully brand-able and you can change them however you like. You’re free to use it as-is, or play with the language until you find what’s right for your business.

See, there’s ONE big thing that’s been holding you back from marketing yourself fabulously, making more money, and changing more lives. Ready?


This is where it all begins.

Want more private coaching clients? I thought so.

You need a gateway program to help you deliver the ah-mazing results your clients desire. Babes, it’s time to strut through the door and hook ‘em with your one-of-a-kind coaching style and vast expertise.

BASIC™ is our premium detox & clean eating program, perfect for new health coaches in need of a done-for-you, customizable offering.

Wanna know the best part about BASIC™? We’ve loaded this program with totally new content, including an in-depth Simple Steps to Launch Success Guide, a 20-day email support sequence (plug it into your email campaigns and autoresponders!), 50+ new whole foods recipes, daily coaching by moi in our Facebook support group, access to like-minded health coaches that actually get you, and much, MUCH more.



Drea Eidsvold

Drea Eidsvold, Health Coach, Founder of LeanbyDrea.com

“I purchased the DETOX from Rachel right before I graduated in September. It was the best decision I could have made to jumpstart my business. My goal was to sell 10 and I had 77 participants in my first group and 112 in my second. I now have an office and several 6-month clients because of my business skyrocketing. It changed my life financially and it changed it physically along with all of my participants. The support from Rachel and this group is second to none. I have bought every season since.

I am so excited to launch the Spring cleanse to see how many more lives I can change.”


Note: We take payment plans – please contact us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com

[re] introducing ROCKSTAR™


Want more time to do what YOU do best? Like speaking at global health summits, hosting webinars for your tribe, launching group-coaching programs, growing your private coaching practice, and living your passion?

Great. Then STOP wasting your time fiddlin’ with tools you don’t know how to use (yet), writing mediocre copy for marketing emails & webinar scripts, designing promotional materials that make you cringe, and pulling your hair out trying to craft the BEST detox & clean eating content for your clients.

The madness ends NOW … because we’ve done ALL the work for you with ROCKSTAR™. Holy relief, right?

ROCKSTAR™ not only includes our premium detox & clean eating program, it also combines 16 tech tutorials with an absolutely ridiculous amount of marketing images, blog posts, emails, PPTs, opt-in freebies, webinar scripts, and more, perfect for the ambitious health coach who demands MORE for her business.



Eris Norman, Health Coach, erisnorman.com

“I love detoxing 4 times a year and really wanted to create a great detox program for my clients, however, there was so much I needed to make sure I was providing for my clients to detox effectively. I was very frustrated at the process of putting a detox together. Then I found Rachel and her program and all my questions were answered! I have a detox that helped me with all the info I needed and learn how to execute it in a professional way. For my first detox, I have 54 participants and I have all the tools I need, it’s so amazing and I am so fortunate that I found Rachel and her team. I believe this is the start of a bigger and better business for me.”



Give your clients what they want AND harness the marketing mojo you need to create your signature offering – online, offline, one-on-one coaching, groups, retreats, gyms, spas, you get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

Basically, it’s your business on superfoods gone wild.

This behemoth includes 2 unique programs you can customize for your niche. Vegan, gluten free, hormone health, Paleo, you name it. This is a completely adaptable program that helps your expertise shine and your clients’ health improve. Yep, consider it The Big Kahuna – the complete sales funnel for your business. And I’ve gotta tell you … when it comes to REVITALIZE™, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g is YOUR SIGNATURE OFFERING.

So tell me, babes … are you ready to DESIGN your custom [wellness] business from the stilettos up? Are you ready to add your unique sass & style to your signature offering and STAND OUT from the crowd? I thought so.

Imagine you’ve just wrapped up your detox or cleanse with your client. NOW WHAT? You have clients in the door (wahoo!) but you don’t know what the hell to offer them. It’s sort of like that time you invited a bunch of friends over to your house for a party and forgot to provide the music, disco ball, and hors d’oeuvres. Been there, forgot that – whoops!

What you need is absolutely SIMPLE. Offer your clients something tantalizing to munch on, something that will make them salivate, and definitely offer them something that will give ‘em the results they deserve. You need the ultimate done-for-you program. You need REVITALIZE™.

REVITALIZE™ is the whole foods transformation. It’s your attainable. You could design a 14-day or 28-day or a 6 week program, 100% based on your forte – whether that’s digestive wellness, working with busy moms, hormonal health, etc. Did I mention REVITALIZE™ includes 4 Master Classes hosted by moi, 39 pre-written blog posts, 4 marketing emails that sell, sell, SELL, lifetime access to our private forum with daily access to me? And there’s more. Tons MORE.


What makes this different from the detox packages?

Revitalize 28 is the ULTIMATE signature program, entirely done-for-you. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to use the materials in multiple ways: as the full 28-day journey, a 14-day weight loss course, a 6-week whole foods program, and more!

(Don’t worry, we’ve got roadmaps for any way you want to rock this.
Just pop in your branding and niche knowledge, and you’re set!)

It’s designed to help your clients integrate phenomenal physical, mental, and emotional changes into their everyday lives. This package includes the entire 4 or 6 week program, PLUS the chance to guide your client through a high-level health transformation. That means great additional resources from other teachers, as well as an in-depth look at the mind-body-spirit shifts that lead to massive changes.

To sweeten the deal? You also get opt-in freebies that feed directly into this program. You can design it as a monthly program, or your elite, signature, quarterly deep-dive.
Consider this your gold standard. Just add in your signature branding, and it becomes your soon-to-be-famous Challenge, Bootcamp, or Total Transformation course.

Health Coach Testimonials


Adrienne Primrose

“This season is my second season working with Rachel and her staff. The programs that she sells are top notch!! They explain everything from start to finish, how you launch, how to edit, marketing emails etc….For me, this is very important, as I am a new health coach. I also used her done-for-you PowerPoint presentation for a webinar I did. This was my first webinar, and it went great, thanks to Rachel, she helped me work out which website to use and all. The Facebook forum is awesome! Not only do you get Rachel and her staff, but you get others with amazing talents and knowledge. Rachel also posts daily, with awesome pictures and daily motivations. This program has diffidently has helped me to get out there, and has brought clients for me to do what I love: change lives!


Heather Larson

“I am a brand new health coach, working on my first half dozen clients and wasn’t sure how to get started and my work out to more people. I did the Fall clean eating through the other coach and decided that I would purchase for my own business to start the word buzzing after being so happy with the changes within me. I had 32 people sign up for my first group and am running my second one in December with 10 already and more to go. In addition, I was able to connect with another member of a fitness community who needed a nutrition piece for her program so we are putting a third group together for 28 of her individuals (connections I wouldn’t even have without having this source to promote my business). Thank you to you for allowing quick possibilities to spread the important word about what we do and with the immediate successes of so many, create the ripple effect a new business needs. I’m blessed and in awe at how much is unfolding from the effort that I put into using the program to change lives. Thank you.”


Jeanine Toes

“Just a quick note of thanks for some great work and material this season. The Fall program is the best ever. Not only do I love the Rockstar, I finally utilized some support work and was very pleased with the results.
In past seasons, I found myself spending too much time fighting with my computer about formatting, editing, etc. By having Chie make my sales page and Marie set up my already written auto responder emails, it freed me up to do the work on perfecting my Clean Eating program and the sales efforts that go with it! I’m looking forward to seeing the winter program!”


Shay Johnson

“I Was Pulling My Hair Out!
As a busy Holistic Health Care Practitioner, educator, wife and mother of three… I was all kinds of distracted trying to coach my clients. I just did not feel as if I was offering the best service possible. My personal philosophy is “Anything worth doing… is worth doing rocking awesome!” So if I can’t do something with a sense of “awesome” I am not interested in doing it at all. So for a year I stopped offering nutrition coaching altogether. Just took it totally off the menu. But here is the thing, I am a girl who believes in the healing power of food, so not offering nutrition coaching was not working for me either! What’s a girl to do? Then one night I decided to do a Google search for “Done for you nutrition programs” and BAM Rachel’s Wellness popped up. Rachel has helped me deliver kick-butt service without working harder or spending more hours doing it. Partnering with Rachel’s Wellness is the best choice I ever made.”


Carol Nees

“Rachel Feldman, the recipes are amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the Swiss chard with coconut curry sauce! Last night I made it again and substituted Baby Bok Choy and added grated carrots. This will be a keeper for sure! Then had a little dessert with a peppermint madness ball. Thank you for all that you do! Amazing season!”


Teal Stamm

“I am so stoked I can’t stand it. This program is amazing! I just wanted to share this email that I received from a client this morning. She has been on my ‘Summer Extended’ Detox (summer detox extended to more of an elimination diet – 7 days pre-detox, 2.5 weeks detox, and transition phase, introducing new foods every 72 hours)… ”


Cristin Wood

“There is no failure during this process, just lessons to be learned. Last season was my first. I did 2 group sessions and had a lot of success. I exceeded my goal in just the first week! This season, I tried launching DIY and while I had a handful sign up, I did not get the response I was looking for. What did I learn? The people in my niche are PROCRASTINATORS!!!! Lol. They need me to tell them EXACTLY what to do and when to do it. If left it up to them, they will never get it done. Therefore, I am relaunching next week with a specific start date. Hopefully the fear of missing out will get them signing up. Moral of the story: if something isn’t working for you, try something else.”


Dana Dinnawi

“Unbelievable. Well, actually, believable, with this program and all the support and tools we get…I have been doing Rachel’s programs and following her advice for one year now and slowly building up my practice. I know some people here sign up 40 or more clients right away, and that just hasn’t been the case with me. But what HAS happened with me is that the people who have worked with me have built up my reputation. I was at a PTA meeting at my kids’ school today and the principal asked me to give a 10 series workshop/talk to the middle school kids (!!!!!!)..then I plucked up the courage to ask the PTA president if they could organize a talk for the community for me and they were SO EXCITED (!!!!) and THEN another lady who runs the community center told me she has a perfect space for me to give talks and cooking demos. All I can say is OMG and I LOVE YOU Rachel Feldman xoxoxo”


Jenna Drew

“I’ve bought done-for-you programs in the past, but they ended up just wasting space on my hard drive because of the quality of the programs and the lack of support in getting them up and running. That is SOOO NOT the case with Rachel’s programs. Not only are they filled with absolutely fabulous content, but she bundles it with an amazing community of Health Coaches and Wellness professionals in her Facebook Group to help motivate you to get your product launched and out the door, so you can start bringing in new clients and earn your money back quickly. I can’t wait to see what Rachel comes up with next, because I know I’ll be jumping onboard!”


Marissa Rollo

“Your cleanse has brought me ALL of my clients so far and has been a blessing to our family financially. Today I got an email from a local chiropractor who wants to replace his 30 day cleanse he offers with me presenting and offering the 15 day to them! He is VERY well known here!! OMG i am so excited! Thank you!”


Nicole Mazzone

“I am a Holistic Heath Coach who specializes in detox. I run seasonal eating programs that help clients reset their bodies and realize how food is affecting them. I’ve been reading and studying but joining Rachel’s Detox Mastermind was mind blowing!!! With this program, I gained incredible insight and took my knowledge up a few levels. Her classes were concise and FULL of useful info for me to put into practice right away with my clients. I learned SO much and will be forever grateful to her for her wisdom and for sharing her magnificent brain with us so we can really understand the detox process and how to support it.”


Trish Ward

“Rachel’s programs are AMAZING. Not only are they put together with thought and care, they look incredibly professional. When I was first starting out, I didn’t know where to begin. It was a blessing to find Rachel and her team. Her programs got me out there and the support in the forums is priceless. I sold 35 Spring Cleanses & rolled 4 clients into my transformation program, generating more monthly income & boosting my confidence!! I am honored to be a part of such an intelligent, informative and transformational tribe!


Carolyn Messere

Rachel is the real deal! As a physician, I am completely floored by her extensive knowledge of detox and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She lives her message completely. She is an epic researcher and so attentive – you will never lack for the answers to your most difficult questions. The detox is done-for-you, right down to the books, the swipe copy, and plenty of ways to share your message. And the Facebook group is irreplaceable.


Cristin Candice

“I am so thankful that I took a leap a faith……and invested in this program. I was nervous initially because I have purchased other programs that weren’t user friendly and ended up being a waste of money. I purchased the Rockstar package and started with the “Detox is Easy,” powerpoint. I used it to host my first webinar and had over 50 people register! Using Rachel’s advice I added information about the cleanse at the end and had several people register immediately. This was not only my first time running a cleanse but my first time ever running a program as a health coach.”


Lisa Renee Fogarty

“This is my 4th detox that I have sold of Rachel Feldman’s and the 4th one I have done and participated in along with my participants. It gets easier each time I use her detoxes. I could not do it without the Facebook forum, the response time to questions, the help with picmonkey, technical issues, when I have a participant question I can post it on the forum and within a few hours Rachel or her team or another member has answered it. The first round of winter detox I had 30 people (1 from Seattle, 1 from Florida and the rest were local- NY) join and my second round is about 10 but growing.. I was also able to get 6 of my participants to buy another program from me, which could easily be the 28 day program, because they all feel so happy, and have a clean slate, so they want to keep the momentum going. If you haven’t made the plunge and purchased a program yet, GO For it, and if you have purchased a program but you’re frozen in FEAR, you can do it. I did and I have dyslexia and I still am able to launch a great program, I have 30 new followers.”


Eris Norman

I love detoxing 4 times a year and really wanted to create a great detox program for my clients, however, there was so much I needed to make sure I was providing for my clients to detox effectively. I was very frustrated at the process of putting a detox together. Then I found Rachel and her program and all my questions were answered! I have a detox that helped me with all the info I needed and learn how to execute it in a professional way. For my first detox, I have 54 participants and I have all the tools I need, it’s so amazing and I am so fortunate that I found Rachel and her team. I believe this is the start of a bigger and better business for me.


April Norris

“I purchased Rachel’s 11-Day Seasonal Detox Wellness Program just before I graduated Integrative Nutrition.  I had been very reluctant to put myself “out there” to the public – advertising, marketing, letting people know what I was up to.  But Rachel’s program was such an easy fit; it didn’t take long for me to dive right in!  Her detox is a wonderful gateway to introduce potential clients to your approach, showcase your knowledge from IIN, and put it in a concise, affordable, effective program.  The recipes will blow your client’s socks off!  Who knew eating clean could taste SOO good?!?!  Your credibility factor is definitely amped up when you offer a seasonal detox.  People get results, and are thirsty for more!  Without a doubt, I am a Rachel’s Wellness Lifer.

In 1 season I have sold 11 detoxes, as well as offered it as part of my 3 and 6 month programs to 5 clients!  It’s been a great way to jumpstart my business!”


Emily Geizer

I just ran my 2nd cleanse using Rachel’s templates and my clients have LOVED it! My very favorite parts – that alone is worth the price of the cleanse template – are the seasonal recipes and the beautiful photos for marketing! My clients (busy moms) love the recipes and absolutely love the results! In fact, I tripled the number of participants and plan to continue to grow it. The support makes it really easy for me to launch multiple cleanses throughout the year while running a business and raising my daughters.

FYI : Season 1 – First time running a detox : 8 first time, 27 second detox! YAY!


Chris DeHollander, nourish2live.com

Rachel’s programs have changed my life and business! This is not an exaggeration.   I work part time as a Health Coach and so I have very limited hours. My one on one coaching practice was thriving, but I was only able to take on 6-8 clients without feeling overwhelmed. As an introvert, seeing 2-3 clients in a row also left me exhausted. I love health coaching, so I wanted to figure out how to reach more people – that’s when I decided to purchased Rachel’s program. The program was right in line with my IIN approach that I hardly had to change anything. The Facebook forum was priceless. I learned so much about detox, how to find my niche, how to market and also all the techie stuff to get my online program streamlined. I followed everything Rachel told us to do and tripled my income with less work. I’m not exhausted or overwhelmed anymore and I’m able to help MORE people to get healthy. Thank you, Rachel, for giving 100% to your programs. I’m so glad I found you.


Cindy Karls, freetobehealthcoaching.com

I graduated from IIN 9 months ago and as of December 2013 I had not yet offered my services to one person.     Then I invested in both the 28 Day and Winter Detox Programs. Within two weeks I signed my first client to my 90-day program – I made back my entire investment with just one client! Having the programs and in my offering kit gave me the confidence to offer my services.The materials are top-notch & fully customizable. I am proud to put my name on these programs and am excited to launch my detox soon. The support from Rachel and the Facebook forum puts these programs over the top.     It is SO important to have questions answered real-time. Rachel is ever-present in the forum, leading the group, spreading love & answering questions with lightning speed. I have no idea how she does it.

I fully recommend these programs and will definitely be investing in another of Rachel’s programs in the future.Thank you very much Rachel, my confidence, and thus my business, is forever changed!


Belinda Whalen

I just wanted to share a success story with those of you that are holding back from getting your program out there in hope that it will inspire you.

I expanded upon the 28 day program and added videos to it and a bonus detox to go with it. I have been selling this as my high end online product and so far have made $7000 Aus in sales (this doesn’t even include the detoxes that I also have sold separately) this has completely transformed my business and time freedom.

I heard recently that most coaches barely make $10000 in their first year so it’s pretty awesome that I have been able to make that in just online products.

Thank you Rachel Feldman for over-delivering and giving me the foundation to change lives and my business.
The feedback I have received from my ladies that have transformed their lives is awesome!! I am so grateful for you. X

It worked for them, and it’ll work for you, too.

See, once you have your gateway program or the gateway plus the signature program, you set the stage for jaw-dropping opportunities and epic growth. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.
This is the secret. This is how you build an empire that gives you the financial freedom to do what you love.
If you’re ready to stop spending hours researching and writing suggested healthy eating plans…

If you’re ready to step into the spotlight and finally start changing the world…

If you’re ready to finally get the cash and recognition you deserve…

Your time is now.

Be An Affiliate

Want to be an Affiliate? Sweet. You can rock the ripple effect and share the love with another wellness professional.

Click here to join the affiliate program.
Is this program vegan/vegetarian/raw?
The detox portion of the program is entirely vegan and contains many raw recipes, although there are recipes containing meat and eggs for transition. As this program is fully customizable, you are free and have the capability of removing and modifying recipes that may not align with your dietary teachings.
How long is the program?
There are three phases of this program: Pre-Detox, Detox, and Transition. Pre-Detox is 4 days, Detox is 7 days, and Transition is 4 days, so this program could be anywhere from 7-15 days. Of course, any of these phases can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the kind of program you wish to offer your clients.
What are the pre-requisites for this program? What do I need to make it work?
If you’re thinking you need a giant list or a huge following to use this program, think again. Our programs give you the business materials you need to grow your business and expand your reach while also providing you a really high-quality program to offer clients as an intro to working with you. However, in order to use this program, you MUST have Microsoft Word in order to edit the materials. You can purchase this for as little as $10 a month. You also need to put aside some time to work on the program. Any done-for-you program will take you about 90% of the way, but you will need to brand your materials, read them over, and set everything up to go to clients.
Can I edit the materials?
Yes, you can edit the materials. You can add to them, remove parts, and modify as you desire. This program is yours to do with as you wish!
Can I use this program in conjunction with another coach?
In order to be fair to the many coaches who buy each season, we ask that coaches who partner up together to offer this program each buy a copy for their own business. Otherwise there is a violation of our Terms & Conditions (you cannot share the entirety of this program with another coach).
What can I do with this program?
We have had coaches use this program in any number of ways. Some people use it as a gateway program for their business: clients sign up for the detox, then enroll in private coaching. We have had others use this as their primary source of income. Others still use it as a way to build their list, incorporate it into their private coaching, or build retreats off of the programs. The possibilities are endless!
The disclaimer says that I cannot rent, sell, or share this program. How does that work?
While you are free to share and sell any and all of the client materials to people, you cannot sell the program in entirety (business materials included) to another wellness professional. If another coach is interested in the program, please refer them to detox.rachelswellness.com. Of course, if another coach wants to sign up for your program as a client, by all means, have fun!
Does this program contain any allergens?
The detox program is free of soy, dairy, gluten, nuts (with the exception of almond milk and coconut), and corn. During the transition phase, we do include meat, cashews, and eggs. There is also the option to do the program with grains, and a handout is provided to help your clients decide whether eating grains is a good choice for them or not.
When does the Facebook forum close?
The Facebook forum will last up until 1 month after we launch the next season of done-for-you programs. So, for example, we launched the Fall done-for-you programs in mid-August, the Winter in mid-November, and the Fall forum will close mid-December. These dates usually coincide with the changing of the seasons.
Is technical support provided?
While we would love to be able to help everyone set up these programs and answer all of the technical questions, we are a two-woman team and simply do not have the manpower to help everyone with technical issues. We suggest posting in the forum for support from your fellow coaches, contacting customer support for the service you are trying to use, or hiring a VA (for a recommendation of a good virtual assistant, please email us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com).
How long will it take me to launch this program?
We give you a 7-week launch timeline, which is the ideal amount of time from the start of your launch to the completion of your program. We recommend giving yourself at least 3 weeks’ lead time to promote and market your program. The editing of your documents (branding, reading through them, modifying as desired) will usually take between 1-4 hours, depending on the changes you are making. We suggest getting support from a virtual assistant if you wish to brand your program, update the color scheme, etc., as this will save you a lot of time and free you up to focus your efforts on marketing your program and reaching more potential clients.
I’ve heard that these programs are difficult to edit. Is this true?
In past seasons, we have tried designs and formatting that were not as easy to edit as we hoped they would be. Lesson learned. Now, our documents are not only pretty, but very easy and simple to edit, as evidenced by the feedback we have received from coaches this past season. Each season, we strive to listen to the feedback we get from coaches to improve the program and make it better each season.
I’m in another part of the world. Does this have to be a winter detox?
The detox is specific to the winter, as each season we detox specific organs in the body and the recipes are based off of what is in season. However, we have had coaches who will remove the word “winter” from their program and just make it a general detox.
Do you sell detoxes from other seasons?
Yes. If you would like to purchase another season’s detox, please email us at info@detox.rachelswellness.com. Please note that each season’s design is different. You cannot purchase through the detox.rachelswellness.com sales page previous seasons, as we only offer one season at a time, and if you purchase this season’s program when you are hoping for a different season, we cannot refund your money due to our Terms & Conditions surrounding e-downloadable products.
Is this safe for nursing and pregnancy?
With any diet change, one should always consult their physician. However, this program CAN be used when nursing or pregnant. This program is based on clean eating and does not include anything that would be harmful to new moms. In the forum, we address many of these questions and how to best support clients in different stages of their life.
How much are groceries going to cost my client?
The cost of groceries will vary by state and where you’re buying your food from. The superfoods suggested are optional. Your clients can save money on this program by shopping at local farmers markets and places such as vitacost.com or amazon.com
Does this program use supplements, etc.?
The detox program does not incorporate supplements, although you are welcome to add in your own recommendations if you are affiliated with a company and want to promote essential oils or other products for your clients to use. This season, we are also offering a doTERRA version of the detox programs for coaches who are distributors for doTERRA but you can offer anything or desire or simply let the bounty of the earth detox your client naturally.
How are materials delivered? How long will I have access to them for?
The documents are delivered in Word .doc format through our shopping cart, where you can download them directly to your computer. You will have access to them for a lifetime.
I don’t know much about detox. Can I still use this program?
For sure! As part of the program, you will receive access to a forum where you can post your questions and get answers from myself and coaches who have done this program season after season with their clients. You might also consider checking out the Detox Mastermind to dive deeper into detox at www.DetoxMastermind.com.
Do you offer this program in another language?
At present, we do not, although we welcome you to translate it. This is something that is on the horizon for Rachel’s Wellness and the done-for-you programs, but we do not have the manpower at present to make it happen.
Do you offer this program in metrics?
At present, we do not, although we welcome you to make the adjustments to the measurements. This is something that is on the horizon for Rachel’s Wellness and the done-for-you programs, but we do not have the manpower at present to make it happen.
I’m just getting started and don’t even have a website. Can this still help me?
Abso-freakin-lutely! I’m so glad you found me now, before you spent ungodly amounts of money on training materials and fancy bells & whistles you don’t need.
This program is great for beginning health coaches and those who have yet to hit their stride. It contains all the essentials you need to get started with a leveraged sales system that works.
Is buying something like this “cheating”? Shouldn’t I create my own materials and processes from scratch?
Is buying a website theme (that thousands of others have already bought) cheating? Is a history teacher cheating if she teaches from the same textbook as every other history teacher in her state?
Nope. We’re all operating from the same framework. There are no secrets in terms of “how to lose weight” or “how to reduce inflammation” –– this is standard trade knowledge. I’ve just put it in place for you.
Furthermore, I’ve structured these materials so you can customize them to represent your own brand and business. You’re free to use them as is or tweak the language in a way that feels authentic to you!
How do I know this will work for me?
As with anything, you’ll get out of these packages what you put into them. But all you have to do is get in front of people who are hungry for change –– whether that be in your hometown or online.
If the idea of marketing yourself via teleclasses or blog posts feels overwhelming, you might want to consider the Rockstar or Revitalize 28; both of these include all the tools you need to market your business and fill your program.
With that said, marketing anything is a numbers game. The more people you get in front of, the more you will sell.
Will you offer this program again?
Probably, but it won’t be in this exact format or for this low of a price. These programs evolve as my business does. I continually update them as I learn from my client experiences, personal mentors, and educational investments. In other words, if you have a feeling this is what you’ve been missing, grab it now at www.detox.rachelswellness.com
DSC_3143Rachel Feldman is a health coach, wellness momma, and a detox specialist.  Rachel graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, and the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training.

She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained additional Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University of New York.

Her approach to health focuses not only on the foods you put into your mouth but also incorporates the elements of body, mind and soul. She is also a biz coach for health-focused solopreneurs, helping you create more, get your work out there strategically, and star raking in the cash you deserve.

She has a successful health coaching practice. She uses a proven system in her own thriving practice – these are the tools she sells to health coaches.

She does not just write the programs, she use them too! Ready to Empower your Business? Heck Yeah!

Important Notice: Microsoft Word Office is needed to edit the documents. Your use and purchase from this site signifies your agreement with my Terms & Conditions and Product Disclaimer. If you do not agree with my Terms and Conditions and Product Disclaimer, please do not buy this product and close this website.


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